Yoyo Effects for Weight Loss and Harms to Know

During the journey to keep in slim shape, maybe the sisters also once heard the term “Yoyo effect”. This is one of the effects affecting weight loss. Besides the benefits, they also contain serious harm behind. Along with Slim Mix learn through the following article to get more information about this weight loss yoyo effect.

Yoyo effect – accelerated weight loss and super weight gain

#What is the Yoyo effect?

Excessive fasting and exercise will help you reduce the amount of calories needed in your body each day, making you feel like you have lost weight quickly, but in fact will have serious consequences affecting health.

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Yoyo effects weight loss.

Assuming the weight is a milestone, the Yoyo effect will move back and forth like a cycle around this stop. To put it more easily, this effect will help you quickly get in shape. But once you lose weight successfully and neglect yourself, do not maintain good habits, you will gain weight immediately. And now, you continue the journey to lose weight. The loop keeps spinning, and the term is called the Yoyo weight loss effect.

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Serious health consequences after weight loss due to the yoyo effect.

It is the body’s response to a diet or an excessive state of hunger. This leads to rapid weight loss and rapid weight gain, even faster than before.

Serious consequences that Yoyo effect

Not always losing weight too fast is also good for the body, there is a saying “speed education”. So this Yoyo effect brings many effects to the body:

Disorders of the body’s metabolic system

The rule of proper weight loss is to burn fat and boost metabolism. However, this effect inadvertently went against this principle.

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Metabolic disorders in the body.

According to nutrition researchers, a low-calorie diet will contribute to severe damage to the metabolism. Also because the body must work very slowly to limit energy consumption.

We will not be able to escape the cycle of gaining weight – losing weight – gaining weight, …

Change of breast structure

When we gain or lose weight, the chest is the first affected part. Losing weight too fast means the breast size will be changed and shrunk. As a result, the chest skin will sag and lose its previous firmness. One advice for you is to plan your weight loss carefully and have a specific time, appropriate to avoid sudden weight loss that will harm the health and size of your bust.

Stretch marks

The cycle of weight gain – weight loss – weight gain will cause the skin areas on the body to sag and appear stretch marks, especially areas with excess fat such as the abdomen, biceps, calves, thighs, … To In order to avoid losing stretching and losing aesthetics, you need to have a scientific weight loss regime with proper workouts.

Psychological effects

Yoyo effect will make your body gain weight and lose weight in a short time, this will make your psychology somewhat affected. When the joy was not long, the sad feeling when the weight gain has replaced. The mood of happiness, surprise, sadness intertwined, this is also one of the consequences that Yoyo weight loss brings.

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Instead of going on a Yoyo-style diet, why don’t we apply safe, persistent weight-loss ways to a scientific diet, get enough sleep, eat lots of vegetables along with hard work . Make sure you will have a slim physique and good health if losing weight slowly, following the trend of “slowly but surely”.