Why is regular exercise still overweight?

Even though I tried to work out day by day, my weight did not change. This makes most women easily discouraged and give up. Therefore, we should find out, why regular training still does not lose weight and find a suitable remedy, Slim Mix will suggest to you some possible causes you are experiencing.

Training time is too short

Normally, many women just exercise for a short time and are very anxious to see changes in the body. This is completely unlikely because you only focus on the results and forget to set a reasonable goal.

vì sao tập luyện thường xuyên vẫn tăng cân 01
Short training time to rest too much.

If you try to exercise for a short time with the hope of losing a lot of weight, this is completely unlikely and can be harmful to health. Instead, set appropriate goals so that your practice is no longer under pressure and more appropriate. This is the smart way to lose weight that you need to focus on.

Only do the simple exercises

Fear of injury and not dare to challenge other exercises is the reason why the more you exercise, the more you gain weight. Many women choose exercises that are too gentle, slow and uncomfortable for themselves, so their weight does not change.

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Simple and light workouts do not change weight.

Remember, when practicing, our heart rate must reach 70% of the maximum, the practice will be more meaningful and effective. Once you’re familiar with these exercises, increase the intensity each day so that your body can adapt.

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The exercises are not suitable.

Practicing an exercise all the time will leave you with no motivation to lose weight and your physique will not change as expected. However, besides that, do not overdo and shorten the stage when practicing complex and dangerous exercises! Be patient and one day you will receive satisfactory results.

The break time between episodes is too long

You can take a break between breaks, but this time should not be too long. The body, when rested for too long, becomes passive and sluggish the next time you exercise, which is why the more you exercise, the less you’ll notice.

The most appropriate time that experts recommend for people to practice is 2 minutes for heavy exercises, 30 seconds for light exercises. To save time, you should plan in advance what you will do and the time between exercises.

Unreasonable nutrition

Besides exercise, diet also contributes to your weight loss results. Absolutely not abstinence too harsh and use weight loss pills overdose, this will make you not enough energy to exercise, even exhausted and fainting. The trick to losing weight when exercising is to know the balance between exercise and eating.

vì sao tập luyện thường xuyên vẫn tăng cân 04
Unbalanced meal nutrition.

If successful in this job means losing weight is no longer a big problem for you. Are you experiencing the above mentioned problems? Stop and change immediately to make sports practice easy and effective.

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In addition, you can join practice groups to learn more useful experiences from previous people. Wish you have a good physique, slender in the shortest time.