Why Does Weight Gain Again After Successful Weight Loss?

You are glad that you have successfully lost weight but the next thing to worry about is how to maintain this ideal weight? This is not an easy thing for anyone. The fact that the number of people gaining weight after losing weight is not a small number. So the cause of the body easy to gain weight without stopping from? Slim Mix would like to send you the following information which will be the best answer for you.

Overtraining – the mistake of wanting to lose weight

Surely most of us have the same mentality that when in the early stages of the weight loss process, many people are often very determined and hard to work hard with the exercises to burn excess fat with the desire to achieve results. As expected. However, besides the advantages, if we practice these high-intensity exercises for a long time will make the body tired, easily leading to thinking of giving up.

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Overtraining then not practicing again.

Besides, when the body exercises exercises that need more energy, then it will need to load more calories to compensate for the lost energy, which is why the body is easy to gain weight. Understanding this mechanism requires you to set up a suitable exercise regimen, not too heavy but suitable for the body. It is important to practice consistently every day to maintain your ideal weight.

Be careful because not getting enough sleep will cause weight gain “no brakes”

Sleep is one of the factors that play a role in affecting our weight. An adult needs enough sleep from 6 to 8 hours a day.

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Unable to sleep or lack of sleep is also a cause.

Do not underestimate sleep because when the body is not getting enough sleep, it will be tired, thereby releasing more stress hormones that make us feel more hungry and hungry. It is for this reason we will easily gain weight again. So, in order to maintain your physique after successful weight loss, you need to focus more on sleep.

Dehydration is the cause of weight gain

When dehydrated, the body will have thirst and sometimes will confuse hunger. In one study, people who drank 1 cup of water before a meal reduced their food intake later.

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The body is dehydrated.

If you are fed up with drinking plain water, you can still replace it with other drinks such as juice, body detox, etc. Depending on the energy released daily, we set ourselves a quantity of water. Certain to load on.

Eating out at a restaurant – the reason you are constantly gaining weight

The habit of lazy cooking and eating regularly is the reason that makes it easy for us to gain weight again and lose control. Safety and hygiene issues are also topics that need attention and affect human health.

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Eat out often.

When eating in a restaurant, we will not be aware of our diet more than the use of unhealthy drinks that hinder weight loss. So avoid weight changes after losing weight, you need to build your own diet and ensure you will adhere to.

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Losing weight is a long-term process that requires you to be patient and not to give up any reason. And keeping weight at a fixed level is also an issue that we need to care about and implement. Proactively building yourself a healthy lifestyle and scientific nutrition, owning a slim physique is easy.