Why Are You More Likely To Gain Weight Than Other People?

Do women often wonder, “Why is the same weight loss regimen harder than others?” or the bewilderment of “Breathing in the air is also fat, what should we do?”. Slim Mix will answer these questions in the following article. Refer to you to better understand the problem and have the most effective solution to get in shape.

Diet still gain weight? The culprit is a hormonal disorder!

One of the causes of sudden weight gain in women is a female hormonal disorder. And the thyroid is the part where its activity affects our weight. Because this is the part that plays an important role in balancing metabolism and hormone metabolism.

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Hormonal disorder.

Impaired thyroid will reverse this process and the main cause of losing weight is the ultimate consequence. From there you should learn ways to improve this situation. Reducing stress levels means hormonal rebalancing and the journey to get in shape more smoothly.

Important to lose weight

Weight loss is a process that requires you to have a “steel” spirit and full of knowledge to start the diet and exercise properly. But not so that you important weight loss issues.

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Important to lose weight.

If you always think about how to lose weight, how much weight each day, then you will add the pressure and can not lose weight effectively. Keeping a good mood and setting a reasonable diet and exercise routine are recommended for you if you want to lose weight properly.

Do not listen to yourself

The “enemy” of losing weight is mistreatment and forcing the body to do non-scientific things. For example, eating more, snacking, eating when not hungry are factors that make the body become “mechanical” and harder to absorb food, from which the amount of excess fat also increased significantly.

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Do not listen to the body say anything.

The abuse you bring has unintended consequences such as obesity, cancer, … When losing weight is the time when the body changes to adapt to a new regime, you need to care and have a regime. Nutrition, the most suitable workout. So, to know how to lose weight effectively, you must learn to listen to what your body needs and want to take the next action.

Weight gain due to some diseases

When infected, the body will lose weight quickly, on the contrary, there are also diseases that make us gain weight uncontrollably. Once the metabolism is turned up, the body will no longer be able to burn energy.

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Due to some diseases in the body.

This results in the excess fat will not be burned but accumulated, making it difficult to lose weight. There are some drugs that you note when using while losing weight are anti-arthritis drugs, birth control pills, …

If it is found that the body has signs of edema, fatigue, headache, weight gain, or vomiting, contact your doctor for timely detection and treatment! Having a body that is easier to gain weight than other people is also a way for you to increase your determination, right ?.

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Above are the causes “hindering” women on the journey to find their physique. Be confident and overcome these reasons, Slim Mix believes that you will soon have slender figure soon !.