What Causes Sisters To Lose Belly Fat Failure

Surely there are many women who have fallen into a situation where they really like a certain outfit but cannot wear it just because of the obstruction of belly fat. Not only affects the appearance, but this problem is also a risk leading to dangerous diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and many other common diseases. So what causes my sisters to fail in losing belly fat, let’s go through the following factors to stay away !.

Exercise is not enough intensity

Referring to weight loss, we will not be able to ignore the intensity exercise from light to strong, right? There have been many people who persistently practiced and achieved the desired results as a super standard body with no fat. However, this only exists in intense trainees.

vì sao giảm mỡ bụng không thành công
Practice time is not enough.

So those who lose weight fail, please review their practice, and the rest periods between hours to see if it is reasonable or not. Advice for those who want to lose fat in the waist area, plan to exercise high intensity exercises but still ensure appropriate rest time. If it is your first time to lose weight, you need to seek the guidance of experts to create the most effective exercise plan.

Do not master training techniques

There have been many women having difficulties in finding the right way to lose weight. Just because of lack of knowledge that leads to not mastering the technique of practice. This is the main reason for losing weight.

vì sao giảm mỡ bụng không thành công 01
Do not understand the practice techniques.

Regardless of the method of practice, it requires a mentor to perform properly and deliver good results. They are the ones who help you orient your goals, have a better understanding of how to lose weight and avoid the case of using the wrong way of losing weight and losing time and health.

Sitting time is too much

The tapered second round is the result of sitting in one place for too long. This is a bad habit that many people often have, but we can completely overcome it. Because of the nature of work, many women in the office are not active and have to be exposed to a lot of sitting for more than half a day.

vì sao giảm mỡ bụng không thành công 02
Time spent sitting a lot and not being active.

That is the agent that constantly increases weight, fat belly and a series of potentially dangerous diseases. Instead of sitting in one place for too long, why don’t you find every opportunity to move, building a routine will help you be aware of your body as well as maintain your physique.

Too much food

Just because of the “soul of eating” that you will have to trade in return for unpredictable consequences, one of which is the existence of belly fat. Fat will be the cause of potentially dangerous diseases such as overweight, obesity, heart disease, diabetes … And this habit, if not removed in time, will lead to unpredictable consequences on appearance. as well as our own health.

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The above reasons will “stop” women in the process of losing weight, especially reducing belly fat. What you need to do right now is to be aware of your own habits and develop habits that are good for your health and shape. The most effective way to lose belly fat is to build a healthy lifestyle, eat moderately and avoid negative habits.