Weight Loss Methods And Difficult Consequences

A slim figure with a slim waist is definitely the dream of many people. Sometimes if you want to overdose, many women have “press the belly” to use fat-loss procedures. In fact, it’s called a procedure, but liposuction (abdomen) is an invasive procedure. You will have to consider knowing the following objective information about this beauty method.

Possible consequences of liposuction and weight loss procedures

To perform liposuction, the doctor will make a small incision in the navel area (or below the bikini line) and poke a syringe into the area where liposuction is needed. If following the principle, the excess fat will be sucked out from the body from here, you can add it to other organs or simply discard it.

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Possible consequences of using liposuction.

For a long time, this method was considered the most effective fast weight loss method. However, you may face some risks if you choose this procedure.

Complications during surgery

In case the amount of fat removed is more than 4% of your body weight, you will lose the balance of electrolytes, if not promptly treated, it can lead to death. More seriously, when the liposuction tube is placed incorrectly, touching the blood vessel, it will cause edema, necrosis, and many other complications.

Postoperative side effects

After liposuction surgery, you can hardly avoid some reactions such as wound pain, bruising, redness, swelling, hypotension (for 1-2 weeks). That is not to mention the risk of infection and other complications. The success of liposuction depends a lot on the experience of the surgeon. Even a little imbalance can directly affect your health.

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Side effects after surgery.

The sequelae of the method of liposuction to lose weight can be mentioned as abdominal stiffness, wrinkled abdominal skin, leaving large scars … More dangerous is blood clotting, dehydration, pulmonary embolism, and membrane effusion. lung. There are many such risks, but liposuction only has a temporary weight loss effect. The “bread” waistline can completely return if you do not have the right nutrition and exercise.

Instructions on how to lose weight quickly – safely – effectively

You do not need to be so risky, to lose weight, you still have many safe, economical options that are equally effective. The advice is to upgrade your slimming plan with 3 tips below:

Eat soup (or salad) before eating rice

To start a delicious meal, you can use a cup of warm soup made with vegetables. You should prioritize the selection of soups that are low in calories and absolutely do not eat ice cream soups !. The broth will make you feel fuller, the warmth of the soup will also make you eat more slowly.

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Eat soup or lettuce before eating chin1hh.

Eating well for a long time, recognizing the fullness of the body is also a skill that you need to know to lose fat effectively. To combat boredom, you can also replace the soup with a vegetable salad.

Regularly let your body move

The fast and safe way to lose weight still exercises. Accordingly, 3 groups of exercises that you need to pay attention to are muscle stretching exercises, fat-burning cardio, and strength training exercises. You can do all 3 groups of exercises at the same time, combined with weights. Regular exercise will help increase heart rate, burn fat, and tone the body, especially the lower body.

Drink a lot of water

If you often feel hungry, then your body is probably dehydrated, not lacking food. Sadly, you force yourself to consume more calories when you are thirsty. To prevent this from happening, you need to drink enough 1.5-2 liters of water per day, remember to divide into small sips !.

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Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

The tip is that before eating the main meal, drink 1 glass of warm water, preferably filtered water. This habit is not only good for the digestive system but also works to reduce appetite. In parallel, you should stay away from alcohol, carbonated soft drinks (even diet soft drinks).

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