Top 3+ Amazing Weight Loss Foods [Part 2]

The food we consume every day affects a lot on our weight. Therefore, how to build a diet is extremely important in the process of getting in shape. Here Slim Mix would like to introduce to part 2 of the article Top 3 foods to lose weight full of surprises, please refer to offline!

Guava leaves – miracle safe and effective weight loss for women

Overweight not only makes women inferior to communication but also causes many dangerous diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, … Currently, the methods to lose weight Natural ingredients are always preferred and applied.

lá ổi xanh giảm cân
Lose weight with guava leaves full of surprises.

In particular, using guava leaves to lose weight not only reduces the desired weight but also has the ability to inhibit symptoms such as toothache, sore throat, … Surely many women wonder why guava leaves have the effect of losing weight.

lá ổi xanh giảm cân
Guava leaves contain lots of B vitamins, support weight loss, reduce cholesterol.

Through many studies, guava leaves contain more B vitamins, support weight loss, reduce cholesterol, treat diabetes and support the smooth functioning of the digestive system. In particular, guava leaves also work to prevent the conversion of starch into fat, helping to reduce the amount of fat stored in the body.

Instructions on how to lose weight by guava leaves as follows

  • Guava leaves sun dried.
  • Put in a plastic bag tightly closed mouth.
  • When used, take a few leaves of about 4-5 leaves to cook drinking water.
  • While guava leaf juice helps with weight loss, you should not drink too much because it can lead to constipation, which is an undesirable effect of guava leaf weight loss.

How to lose weight from green coffee beans should be applied

Many women still do not know what green coffee beans are, simply explained, this is pure coffee, not yet processed and still retains its green color and natural essences. Green coffee is highly regarded for its physique, because in its composition contains chlorogenic acid that supports fat resistance, promotes metabolism, burns energy.

giảm cân với cà phê xanh
Green coffee beans help with weight loss.

Currently, it is not difficult for women to look for products from green coffee to stay in shape. There are diverse categories for everyone, from powders, tablets, functional foods, … with the main use is metabolism, sugar balance, support blood pressure regulation, good for the heart.

giảm cân với cà phê xanh
Lose weight with green coffee combining a healthy lifestyle.

Undeniably this wonderful use of weight loss from green coffee beans. However, you should not abuse this method to replace meals. In parallel with the process of using this coffee bean, you should have a scientific lifestyle along with habits.

A healthy lifestyle combines weight loss with green coffee beans

  • Minimize the amount of sugar and starch in the diet
  • Drink green coffee regularly every day
  • Implementing exercise regime and sports
  • Provide enough water for the body

For weight loss methods that use natural ingredients, you should find out carefully and be very persistent when using to avoid side effects and give up halfway.

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Around us there are always ingredients to lose weight extremely effectively, you can refer to in the newspaper, the internet, … In parallel with using this method, you set up your own regime. Healthy nutrition as well as the scientific lifestyle to gain weight is no longer your obsession.