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10 March, 2020 Lisa 0

Weight Loss Tips From High Effective Brown Rice

Brown rice is one of the types of rice high in fiber and vitamins, so brown rice is often included in the weight loss menu of many women. The truth is that losing weight with brown rice does not require high-intensity exercise, without fasting and still losing weight steadily. If still confused about this method […]

9 March, 2020 Lisa 0

Don’t Miss This Effective Weight Loss Method

With today’s modern lifestyle, eating and drinking has also become diverse, extremely attractive dishes lead to insaturity, and many women fall into overweight. As we know that, it is not difficult to find effective weight loss methods but it requires high determination. Slim Mix would like to introduce you 5 ways to get in shape […]

28 February, 2020 Lisa 0

4 Ways to Lose Weight Without Fasting Not everyone knows

Many people still do not know the truth that fasting is the way to get in shape most easily failed. Meanwhile, the body will be severely deprived of nutrients leading to dangerous diseases. A scientific weight loss plan is to combine exercise and proper diet. Refer to the following “divine” weight loss methods for safe […]

17 February, 2020 Lisa 0

Suggestions Healthy, Easy Morning Weight Loss

We all know that breakfast plays an important role in human activities in a day. If you are in the process of losing weight but still do not know the food to lose weight in the morning, it is reasonable to take a look at the following suggestions! # Eating boiled eggs in the morning […]