The “Gold” Principle needs to be followed during weight loss

Are you tired of losing weight forever? Are you confused because you don’t know how to lose weight properly? So what are you waiting for, please follow the following “golden” principles to make the process of losing weight regain easier.

#Track weight indicators

Weight is a part of your health status. Therefore, we need to pay attention to our own weight indicators, especially BMI. These are basic figures reflecting overweight, underweight or normal.

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Constantly interested in BMI.

Maintain the habit of checking your BMI weekly to adjust your lifestyle, weight loss menu to avoid potential diseases due to overweight such as cardiovascular, diabetes, …

#Take advantage of advocacy opportunities

It is not necessary to spend time to go to the gym, the mentioned campaign simply moves and works. The truth is that every day, we all have to be more or less active. However, to support the maximum weight loss, you must make use of every daily action such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, cleaning the house without machines, taking pets or young children for a walk, …

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Regular physical activity.

These are just small suggestions for you, in general, take advantage of every possible way to be active. Finding all opportunities to burn excess calories is something you should be aware of right away. Each day a little accumulation, make sure your weight loss process will quickly succeed.

#Starch reduction but not completely removed

Many women think that losing weight requires complete removal of starch. However, this is a very misconception. If the body suddenly changes it won’t be able to adapt easily.

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Lose weight with carbs but don’t cut it out completely.

Since then, the process of weight loss will be counterproductive. You can reduce your carbs by using a small dish. This inadvertently creates a feeling of fullness and you will stop eating immediately without even knowing it.

#Say no to frequent skipping meals

Skipping meals is bad for our stomachs. So if you want to lose weight, skip or combine meals is unscientific work. You know, not only eating regularly not only makes the body lifeless, but also brings about many diseases and increases the risk of snacking even more. One day needs to meet 5 meals including 3 meals and 2 snacks.

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Missing meals often affects health.

You should consider your diet and focus on vegetables, tubers, fruits. This is the scientific weight loss principle that nutritionists recommend to apply throughout your weight loss process.

#Choose healthy fats

Not all fats are harmful to the body. Good fats include unsaturated fatty acids and omega 3s found in nuts, almonds, walnuts, salmon, etc. In addition to supporting cardiovascular activity, they help you feel full and stay low. food into the body more.

Since then, the amount of excess fat also decreased significantly and the body quickly slender. One thing to note is that these high-fat foods will be healthy snacks that you should equip to lose weight.

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Adhering to the five golden fat principles, Slim Mix believes that you will get back in shape in a short time. Remember that in order to lose weight scientifically, you need to change your healthy lifestyle and avoid having a pressure-free spirit.