The Belly Fat Reduction Menu You Need To Know

Belly fat is considered to be the enemy of beautiful physique for humans, especially for women. Exercise needs to go hand in hand with daily nutrition. Every type of food we eat every day has a significant effect on physique. Refer to the 7-day menu to reduce belly fat below, you will quickly get a “standard without adjustment” waistline.

Day 1: Boiled eggs and bread

Perhaps we are not too familiar with the benefits of eggs in challenging weight loss journey. Eggs contain a lot of vitamins but they are not fat, whereas it is an ideal food to lose weight and regain an “ant” waist.

thực đơn giảm mỡ bụng

Boiled eggs combined with bread.

Bread is also the perfect choice to combine with boiled eggs to create a nutritious meal but still ensure a diet that reduces belly fat. However, it should be noted that a maximum of 3 eggs a week should be added!

Day 2: Eating brown rice to reduce belly fat is the “not bad” option

Brown rice is considered a “quintessence” of the fat category, especially the belly fat. Apart from us, this is a food that contains twice as much fiber as regular rice.

thực đơn giảm mỡ bụng 02

Brown rice miraculous food loss.

It also contains a good amount of fat, starch, which helps in energy metabolism. Possessing these effects, brown rice becomes the perfect food to burn belly fat. Therefore, this is the ideal weight loss food that women need.

Day 3: Enhance vegetable supplements with meals to reduce belly fat

Vegetables contain a large amount of fiber that aids in weight loss as well as helps the digestive process go smoothly. You can prepare this food by many methods such as mixing salads, boiling, cooking soup, ..

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Increase your intake of vegetables during meals.

Whichever method you prefer, however you should limit the grease during processing to avoid accumulating excess fat. Vegetables will help you not only lose weight but also purify your body.

Day 4: How to reduce and balance sweet potatoes effectively for women

Sweet potatoes are a nutritious food, high in fiber, vitamins that help reduce belly fat and beautify the skin. However, for effective weight loss, you should only eat boiled sweet potatoes to limit grease.

thực đơn giảm mỡ bụng 03

Sweet potatoes help to lose weight safely.

Sweet potatoes also help fight hunger extremely well, can be both a snack and a meal. Not only that, when using sweet potatoes, it will also be very beneficial to the intestinal!

Day 5: How to lose weight, reduce belly fat super effectively with oats

Recently, oat products have become a very popular food for women to get in shape. Oats contain a large amount of fiber, vitamins are very nutritious, helping women lose weight without losing strength.

thực đơn giảm mỡ bụng 05

Oats weight loss super effective.

There are many ways to eat barley, you can eat with bananas, chicken, … In addition, oats also have the effect of beautifying the skin, helping you not only lose weight but also more beautiful skin.

Day 6: Protein supplement for the body

After a 5-day itinerary to lose belly fat, it’s time to get some protein in your body. Some foods containing protein such as eggs, salmon, chicken breast, have both weight loss effects and help the body to be more fully developed. Also, eat more fruits and vegetables to balance the amount of fiber and protein in your meals.

Day 7: Drinking Detox water to reduce belly fat quickly and effectively

In the diet, besides foods, we can not ignore water dishes, especially detox – a type of water that purifies the body. With a simple, quick implementation, the use is extremely excellent.

thực đơn giảm mỡ bụng 06

Lose belly fat fast with detox.

Many women have applied and the results were unexpected. The fruits commonly made in this dish are strawberry, lemon, kiwi, watermelon,…

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When losing weight, make sure your body is always healthy and happy so that the process does not become an obsession. Hopefully, through the 7-day menu suggestion to reduce belly fat above, you will reduce your desired waistline immediately after application. Love yourself and roll into the kitchen now!