Recipes To Eat Without Weight Gain Women Should Refer

With only a little more than a month to go, the biggest Tet holiday of the year will come, surely the women ‘s concern is that they can freely eat and drink without having to worry about weight heavy. How to maintain weight – that is the question most asked on the physique forums. All answers will be in the information that Slim Mix synthesizes in the following article:

Limit too much meat

As we know, on Tet holidays, meat-based dishes always appear in countless dishes and everywhere, especially familiar dishes such as sausages, meat braised eggs… and here It is also a favorite dish that many people love and are ready to eat freely every Tet holiday. Of course, this is also the big culprit that causes our weight to increase without braking.

cách duy trì cân nặng ngày tết
Do not eat too much meat into the body.

That is why during these days, you should reduce your meat intake as little as possible. There have been many women who have struggled to get in shape after Tet, limit now so that you do not have to spend so much time and above all, limit dangerous diseases from excess. lots of calories.

The amount of carbs you eat is in moderation

Another way to maintain weight is to reduce the number of carbs loaded into the body through Tet dishes such as Banh Tet, Banh Chung, … In which, the amount of starch is always overwhelming and makes our body suffer. absorb too much starch, fat than average at the same time.

cách duy trì cân nặng ngày tết 02
Starch dishes should also be limited.

This is also the reason why only a few days of Tet, our weight increases so much. So, right before Tet, everyone should make a plan to eat in moderation so as not to lose weight uncontrollably on holidays.

Add a variety of nutritious fruits

How to maintain weight is the question of many people and the answer given is to load more low-fat, low-sweet fruits to neutralize the amount of food on Tet.

cách duy trì cân nặng ngày tết 03
Add to the body a variety of fruits.

This is a food rich in vitamins and minerals, helping your digestion process more smoothly, thereby maintaining a healthy body shape as well as having beautiful skin on Tet holidays – a holiday with plenty many unhealthy foods.

Prioritize eating nuts

Instead of eating jam cakes on the Tet holiday, you can prioritize nuts such as almonds, chestnuts, sunflowers, … These nuts do not contain harmful fats but are minerals and vitamins. body.

cách duy trì cân nặng ngày tết 01
Prioritize eating nuts.

Above all, these nuts also make our physique “intact” and not increase after Tet. Therefore, you should reward yourself with these nutritious foods as gifts for loved ones around to ensure your health and happiness in this Tet holiday.

Limit soda intake

Besides unhealthy foods to avoid, do not ignore carbonated soft drinks that are harmful to your physique and body. If this is your favorite dish, do not overdo it because the implications have a significant impact on your health, above all, the formation of potentially harmful health diseases. Instead, drink healthy drinks that are good for your body like green tea, herbal water,….

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Tet is the occasion when we most often neglect ourselves and the result is a rough body after that. So right now, planning a scientific diet and maintaining a body shape to gain weight during the Tet season is no longer your fear.