Nutrition For People Who Want To Lose Weight On Tet Holidays – Collagen Slim

It is only nearly a month away from the national New Year festival, this time is also considered a challenge for those who want to eat and drink freely and want their physique in balance. On the other hand, the hearty parties on Tet always contain a lot of fat, sweeteners that affect your weight.

How to be satisfied to keep in shape as desired, lose weight Collagen Slim will help you! How real bad about how to keep the Tet holiday shape will be in the information shared through the following article.

Add healthy fruits and vegetables

As mentioned above, we will not be able to avoid foods that contain a lot of fat and starch in Tet parties, so to avoid excess calories affecting your physique. , you should add more fruits and vegetables to balance, above all this is also a food that contains many vitamins and minerals for health, does not cause weight gain.

dinh dưỡng cho người giảm cân ngày tết
Complementing the fruit body.

Besides, we can sip fruits and vegetables anywhere and can do it in many different ways such as food and drink to enrich the Tet menu with all influences. health.

Consider when choosing and eating jam cakes on Tet

On Tet holiday, it will be impossible to ignore jams containing a lot of sugar in the meetings with relatives. This is also a potential danger that has a big impact on your physique before and after Tet.

dinh dưỡng cho người giảm cân ngày tết 01
Consider Tet jam.

Many people do not own their own hobbies so they let their physique “get fat” after each Tet holiday. Instead of choosing to buy and eat jams that are high in sweetness and fat, you can completely replace them with healthy nuts and beans that can be sipped all day without feeling bored.

Limit alcohol intake

Referring to food, there must be drinks, Tet is an occasion that we allow ourselves to be “loose” a little and the consequences are extremely great. Our physique will be significantly changed by the drinks that contain many sweeteners on the New Year.

dinh dưỡng cho người giảm cân ngày tết 02
Limit alcohol consumption.

In addition, when consuming a lot of alcoholic beverages, it is also the cause of underlying diseases such as diabetes, obesity, … Therefore, you should replace these drinks with tea water. Green, herbs that both refresh and purify the body.

Do not forget to practice and move on Tet

Although Tet is an opportunity to relax and rest, you cannot immediately stop exercising and exercising every day.

dinh dưỡng cho người giảm cân ngày tết 05
Advocacy on Tet days to support weight loss.

Just let your body and mind relax and actively burn your body every day by daily actions such as simple yoga exercises, doing housework,… Make a plan to eat freely but still keep. slim figure by the sense of exercise in you.

Collagen Slim – solution to keep fit on Tet

Collagen Slim weight-loss food becomes the companion of many people in every Tet holiday because of its miraculous use as well as very convenient usage.

dinh dưỡng cho người giảm cân ngày tết 04
Nutrition for weight loss on Tet holiday – Collagen Slim.

This is a great weight loss product for girls who want to burn off the excess fat left by the New Year meals. With ingredients from ingredients in nature, weight loss Collagen Slim is ​​a safe product, does not cause any side effects, and helps get in shape effectively if you persist every day.

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Let Tet be a time of rest and play while ensuring that the body shape is maintained, not changing in the negative direction. Weight loss food Collagen Slim will accompany you in the fun Tet holidays.