Liposuction Weight Loss And Unforeseen Consequences

In recent years, liposuction surgery has been considered as one of the cosmetic methods chosen by many women. Besides the pictures of slender physique of many people, this measure still has potential harmful effects. So, did your sisters understand these things well? Let Slim Mix follow through the information about the harmful effects of liposuction weight loss mentioned below.

Liposuction procedure is like?

Have you ever wondered how abdominal liposuction procedure will be? Here is the answer for you! First, before deciding on surgery, the doctor will conduct a check on your health. This is the first and important step because it affects the psychology and health of people who need liposuction. Then there is an agreement between you and your doctor about the abdominal liposuction surgery, the fat from the thighs, buttocks, biceps, and legs is done.

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Liposuction weight loss method full of risk.

At this point, doctors will examine and mark areas that are required to remove excess fat correctly. You will have general anesthesia and intravenous techniques will be performed. During this procedure, the doctor will make a small incision in the skin of the buttocks, abdomen or biceps, where you wish to remove excess fat.

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The body aches and pains is unavoidable.

At this point, liposuction has not been called complete. After surgery, you need to have time to convalesce, have proper nutrition and rest. During this time, you will have to visit regularly to ensure the process is successful and does not occur undesirable consequences.

Unexpected consequences from liposuction procedures to lose weight

Besides the desired results, there are still many women who face many dangerous sequelae that liposuction procedures leave.

The harmful effects of liposuction weight loss are classified into the following two cases:

During the surgery

For any form of beauty salon, the surgery stage is always important and affects the health of the person being performed. Suddenly losing a relatively large amount of fat (over 4% of the body weight), the body will have a negative reaction such as electrolyte imbalance, drug shock, will lead to death if not emergency timely.

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Unpredictable consequences.

So for example when deciding to remove excess fat in the form of belly liposuction, women need to find out reputable addresses. Because if performed in unlicensed, unsafe facilities, doctors without qualifications will lead to unexpected consequences such as broken blood vessels, self-defense response to anesthetics, infections due to no put the liposuction tube in the right place and there are still many life-threatening dangers during surgery.

After the surgery

Although you have undergone liposuction process, after that, you need to be alert and not subjective because the postoperative period will not avoid complications such as wound bruising and the surrounding area, wound infection, excessive blood loss. With these symptoms we should not underestimate because there have been cases of severe impact on health and loss of life.

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Losing weight by using liposuction has saved time and brought about the desired results. However, the legacy will directly affect our health and life. Therefore, we need to consider carefully before deciding on liposuction surgery to lose weight. To safely lose weight, you still have many ways to choose such as diet, exercise, …