Important Note About Health During Weight Loss

Many women share an obsession, which is weight, and getting in shape is a process that requires perseverance and time to adapt. However, there are still many women who want to “burn the stage” which seriously affects their health. Slim Mix would like to send you the health note during weight loss.

#Understand body fat

How to lose weight successfully is the question of many people on the journey to get in shape. There are many people who rely on formulas to see if they exceed the normal threshold. However, this is only a theoretical number because our bodies have many places with excess fat. Especially even thin people have excess fat.

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Understand the amount of excess fat on the body.

Therefore, we cannot judge with our eyes, but instead check our health and plan an appropriate weight loss. And a note for you that fat loss and weight loss regime is different. If you have any needs, please follow that process.

#Fasting – the enemy of losing weight

If you think about fasting and abstaining from all kinds of food, Slim Mix is ​​confident that you will not be able to lose any weight. Safe and effective weight loss is still guaranteed nutrition. Starving your body with harsh diets is the quickest way to lead to illness than to lose weight.

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Fasting is the biggest enemy during weight loss.

If you fast for a long time, your body will show signs of “fighting” such as lowering blood pressure, stomach pain, lack of nutrients. It is best to build a scientific and nutritious diet. Some of the top weight loss foods are vegetables, tubers, fruits, low-fat foods rich in protein, … Making friends with these foods is the fastest way to lose weight.

Consider who should lose weight

To ensure health, not everyone can follow the weight loss regime. The subjects should not lose weight are: people with weak health have a history of many dangerous diseases, people under 10 years old, women in menstruation, right after giving birth, … Weight loss is a process. arduous so you should not be superficial, but learn carefully to avoid unfortunate consequences.

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Choose the right weight loss method for fitness

When it comes to losing weight, most of us think about how to lose weight fast, not the appropriate method. This inadvertently makes your weight loss journey difficult and wrong.

Choose a way to lose weight according to your body condition

Instead of believing in speedy ways to lose weight, why not persevere on creating a scientific diet and enduring exercise? There is a sentence “slowly but surely”, you will get the ideal body if you do not “race” at speed.

#Do not abuse weight loss pills

It is not difficult for us to find weight loss drugs on the market. However, you need to understand the origin and production facilities clearly. If you trust in cheap drugs floating, your health will be affected and body disease procession.

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Misuse of weight loss pills will cause serious damage.

Slim Mix is ​​the leading weight loss food that is available in Vietnam with safe ingredients from nature. This is a product used by many women and has unexpected results.

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Losing weight is not difficult if you are fully equipped with the knowledge. Before starting a scientific weight loss journey, you should consider and find out your body condition to find the right method. Wish you quickly regain your dream physique and good health.