[HOT] Celery Juice Fast Weight Loss Beauty Skin?

One of the recently emerging topics on beauty forums is the miraculous benefits of celery juice. And many women feel confused when they do not know whether to apply this drink to regain their physique and whether it really works or is just a rumor? All will be answered by Slim Mix in the article below.

The “miraculous” use of celery may not be known

Until now, we only know celery is the food present in meals to enhance its flavor because it is easy to eat and also very fragrant. In the days of needing, information shows that this is also a nutritious and nutritious food for health. And many people have taken advantage of celery juice weight loss to remove excess fat, get in shape as desired.

giảm cân với nước ép cần tây
The miraculous use of celery you know yet?

In addition, this vegetable also helps soften hair, control blood pressure, brighten skin. With these advantages, there is no doubt that in fact many people put celery in their daily menu.

Uses to remove excess fat from celery

According to research, celery is nominated as a high-fiber vegetable in the common green vegetable groups. Westerners have taken advantage of this vegetable in the processing of daily drinks, but this has only been popular in our country in recent days. Explaining why celery is the “golden food source” for weight loss, experts have researched and showed that celery accounts for a quarter of the fiber, so when it enters the stomach, it will accelerate metabolism. .

giảm cân với nước ép cần tây 05
Celery helps you remove excess fat.

Specifically, in 100g celery has up to 6.3% protein, 2.1% minerals, 0.6% lipids and vitamins, … Therefore, this is the fastest and best way to lose fat by digging mechanism. natural waste, helping the digestive system to function smoothly and improving constipation, bloating, indigestion, … According to research, the effect is even more effective than conventional vegetables.

How to prepare fresh celery juice

When supplementing celery juice, the body will be loaded with an essential amount of calcium and vitamins and minerals to help prevent aging, the digestive system works more smoothly.

giảm cân với nước ép cần tây 01
How to prepare celery juice.

How to lose weight fast by doing celery juice is also very simple, anyone can do with the following instructions:

  • Rinse celery and cut into pieces, soak in salt water for 15 minutes.
  • Put the celery in a blender and some water, then puree it.
  • Strain the residue through the sieve, taking only the water.


giảm cân với nước ép cần tây 02
Lose weight quickly with celery juice.

You should persistently drink this water for 1-2 months to achieve the desired results. At the same time, the best time to drink this juice is breakfast and before lunch.

Note drinking celery juice to lose weight

You must pay attention to the following in order for the juice to work:

  • You can replace the juice with celery smoothies with some other vegetables to increase nutrition for the body.
  • People with a history of low blood pressure, stomach aches, and pregnant women restrict or avoid celery juice.
  • Celery juice should not be used too often, should only drink 2-3 times a week to prevent skin sensitivity, nutritional imbalance, digestive disorders, …

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Overall, celery has many wonderful benefits for our health as well as for our skin. This method of losing weight with this vegetable is also popular in the beauty world today. Therefore, people should apply to become younger and keep healthier and more supple.