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  • Your name: Nguyễn An
  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Nam
  • Height (cm): 167
  • Weight (kg) 67
  • Your BMI: 225
  • Calories needed per day: 2000
  • Water should drink: 2.2l/days

Myths about losing weight

Starch is harmful to body shape. You should limit eating.

Starch accounts for 30% of the diet and is the fastest source of energy absorbed into the body. PUTTING always in the diet.

Eat plenty of olive oil to help lose weight.

Olive oil is good for health because it contains unsaturated fatty acids that can completely replace animal fat but does NOT help with weight loss. After all, they also provide a huge amount of calories.


The longer you exercise, the faster you lose weight.

Studies show that your heavy exercise or fasting only stimulates your body's "adaptive mechanism" (Accumulating energy by storing excess fat to gain weight). Ideally, you should exercise (or reduce your diet) to be both fit and moderate, each increasing a little bit better for your health.

Drink plenty of water help lose weight

Water is important because more than 70% of your body is water. On average, each of us only needs to provide a 2.5 - 3.5 liters of water per day. The fact that you provide more water than usual only increases the pressure to excrete the kidneys through the kidneys.

A small note: do not wait for thirst to drink because the body is already dehydrated, so split the number of times a day to drink water according to a certain routine as the main meals of the day.


Fat is the cause of obesity.

Fat provide 20% ​​-30% of the body's energy. They are important for brain development and health. They only cause overweight when overeating and oversupply.

Eating chocolate causes obesity

When you eat too much Chocolate, it will lead to obesity because Chocolate provides very high energy to the body.


Do not eat dinner after 6 o'clock

Your body synthesizes fat at 1-3 am every day, so you just need to avoid eating it more than 3-4 hours before bed. However, you need to provide a sufficient source of energy for the body to remain active until the next morning.

Breakfast is fine.

The small intestine is most active from 7 am-9am each. Food only lasts the longest in the stomach for a maximum of 2 hours. Therefore, breakfast is the most important. We need to have breakfast at 6h-8h every day.


7 - day Diet Plan for you


Why do I gain weight every time I lose weight? Or: I'm afraid of losing weight because losing weight will make my skin wrinkled and ugly. Or: Every time I lose weight , I was very tired and did not want to do anything. And thousands more questions….

As a professional with many years of working, counseling weight loss for women, I understand the concerns of women. Today I will reveal to you a few principles to lose weight safely and effectively so that you both have a good physique and have a smooth, firm skin.

Doctor Nguyen Anh Duc