Consequences Of Incorrectly Wearing a Belly Belt

In recent days, there is a movement in the beauty world to lose belly fat and lose weight with belly belts – a product for many body types and all ages. However, after a period of use, there are many cases where the results are not as effective as expected but also involve many serious health effects. Specifically, it will be shown in the following article, Slim Mix invites you to refer to avoid using the wrong belly belt to negatively impact your health.

Impact on the digestive organs

Many women use fat belly belts to reduce fat with the desire to reduce the ugly excess fat. However, the results are not as expected, because you will easily fall into a state of stomach compression, in the long run it will make us fall into the mistaken feeling that we may have lost weight.

hậu quả dùng dây nịt bụng sai cách 04
Negative effects on the digestive system.

This makes it impossible to stop using this beauty product. According to the expert’s advice, this device is not good for the abdominal wall, especially the digestive organs because it will affect the stomach, causing a feeling of reflux.

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The digestive system is altered.

At this time, we will feel bloating, belching and abdominal pain, not being able to control when walking badly, go light. Not only that, the liver and spleen are also damaged when we wear the belly belt for a long time.

The rib structure is affected

Constrainting the lap belt frequently for a long time will affect the rib structure and take a long time to recover. Because the belt will tighten the bones and lungs, causing the abdominal cavity to squeeze, making it difficult to breathe and feeling short of breath, tired, down.

hậu quả dùng dây nịt bụng sai cách 05
The bone structure is changed.

There have been many cases of difficulty breathing, fainting and fainting due to not providing enough oxygen to the lungs. Therefore, before starting any method of losing weight, you should also learn carefully to avoid “money loss”.

Harmful to mothers after giving birth

Postpartum women often suffer from mental crisis due to their rapidly changing appearance such as weight gain, roughness, three rounds as one, making them very guilty. The mother always wants to lose weight as desired, despite the methods of fast weight loss and fat loss.

hậu quả dùng dây nịt bụng sai cách 01
Harmful mother diapers.

After birth, the uterus recovers, but if we influence this process, the blood will not circulate well, leading to bleeding dangerously for the mother’s life. Therefore, instead of applying these fat reduction belly belts, women should change the appropriate diet and increase the movement to quickly regain a slim body.

Skin allergies caused by abdominal belts

Besides the dangers affecting the internal organs, the other problem people face is skin allergies. Because the belly belt will tighten, causing pressure and hindering the opening of the pores.

hậu quả dùng dây nịt bụng sai cách 02
Irritating to skin.

Since then, it irritates the skin, reduces the speed of blood transfusion to the skin. Acne, red rash will appear causing itchy, uncomfortable. Although there have been cases of fat loss in the waist area due to the use of a seat belt, these are negligible.

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Besides, dangerous harms are always put out to warn people not to reduce quickly but harm health. Even if you apply the planing method, you must learn very carefully about the methods and results from those who have used it.