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6 May, 2020 Lisa 0

Have you tried Yoga Weight Loss?

Recently, many women choose to practice Yoga to get in shape. Consistently exercising properly every day will help you lose weight, eliminate body fat effectively. In addition, this discipline also helps to improve mental health significantly. Refer to the article that Slim Mix summarizes the following, you will better understand the benefits of yoga to […]

16 April, 2020 Lisa 0

Effective Slimming Tips For Women

Have you ever been in a situation where you saw an armpit dress with a beautiful design but could not buy for fear of revealing a big biceps? Certainly there will be many women who nod to acknowledge this suffering. Do not worry, Slim Mix will suggest to you if you persevere in the following […]

9 April, 2020 Lisa 0

Why is regular exercise still overweight?

Even though I tried to work out day by day, my weight did not change. This makes most women easily discouraged and give up. Therefore, we should find out, why regular training still does not lose weight and find a suitable remedy, Slim Mix will suggest to you some possible causes you are experiencing. Training […]

8 April, 2020 Lisa 0

Weight Loss Interrupted Fasting Effective

Recently, many women have told each other that a very effective method that does not affect health is the intermittent fasting. This secret of losing weight is being applied by many famous stars. To understand what the real situation is, refer to the article that Slim Mix shared to add experience for yourself. Do you […]

6 April, 2020 Lisa 0

How To Burn Your Belly Fat Quickly?

In addition to affecting the aesthetics, an oversized waistline also carries many risks that lead to many dangerous diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and blood fat. In addition, this also makes many women feel inferior to themselves when they do not know how to choose appropriate clothes to “hide” this layer of fat. Slim […]

3 April, 2020 Lisa 0

How To Maintain Weight Easily and Effectively

If it is difficult to say that it is difficult to keep fit, it is more difficult to keep the original weight, not to increase control. Many women have given up on the journey to maintain weight. In fact, each of us can do it, Slim Mix would like to tell you the following tips. […]

31 March, 2020 Lisa 0

Get Rid Of The Chin With The Secret After

Chin-shaped is caused by excess fat that appears under the chin. A round chin only makes women feel inferior because the face is no longer slim. Do not worry, you can apply the following tips to improve this and regain confidence, with Slim Mix learn how to reduce chin chin easy to follow. #Apply exercises […]

27 March, 2020 Lisa 0

Yoyo Effects for Weight Loss and Harms to Know

During the journey to keep in slim shape, maybe the sisters also once heard the term “Yoyo effect”. This is one of the effects affecting weight loss. Besides the benefits, they also contain serious harm behind. Along with Slim Mix learn through the following article to get more information about this weight loss yoyo effect. […]