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9 December, 2020 Lisa 0

Where is a scientific diet that helps to lose weight effectively?

Being overweight not only makes your body less balanced but also increases your risk of heart disease. According to experts, a scientific diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Adhering to this regime, you will not have to abstain from suffering and still manage your weight, and it is important that […]

26 November, 2020 Lisa 0

Method to remove belly wrinkles for mothers after giving birth

Around the time after giving birth, mothers face many changes both outside and inside the body. One of the problems is the appearance of “uninvited” wrinkles on the abdomen. This is the result of changing the size of the abdomen to accommodate the fetus. Following these super cool postpartum abdominal wrinkles below, Slim Mix believes […]

24 November, 2020 Lisa 0

Lose Weight Fast In One Month, Why Not?

Today, you climb on the scale and find the weight indicator needle surpassed the old number. But only a month left to get in shape! Don’t panic because there will be a way to lose the desired weight. What you need to do right now is to maintain useful habits and immediately use weight loss […]

18 November, 2020 Lisa 0

Checkout Top Foods That Help Reduce Belly Fat Extremely

Surely the women we always wish to have a standard model waist without any extra fat, right? However, not everyone can achieve this desire because the second round is the part that easily accumulates fat. In addition to the sports regimen, the diet also has a significant effect on the reduction of belly fat. Refer […]

16 November, 2020 Lisa 0

Surprise With Recipes Effective Weight Loss From Japan

It’s true that effective weight loss solutions are never out of date. Because times have changed, the truth is “the same figure” is always the truth. Who doesn’t want a slim and toned figure? However, due to a number of common reasons that are genetics, lifestyle, diet, etc., many people (especially women) fall into the […]

12 November, 2020 Lisa 0

Consequences Of Incorrectly Wearing a Belly Belt

In recent days, there is a movement in the beauty world to lose belly fat and lose weight with belly belts – a product for many body types and all ages. However, after a period of use, there are many cases where the results are not as effective as expected but also involve many serious […]

5 November, 2020 Lisa 0

What Causes Sisters To Lose Belly Fat Failure

Surely there are many women who have fallen into a situation where they really like a certain outfit but cannot wear it just because of the obstruction of belly fat. Not only affects the appearance, but this problem is also a risk leading to dangerous diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and many other common […]

2 November, 2020 Lisa 0

How Many Calories Eat A Day When Losing Weight

When it comes to calories, we often think of this as the type of fat you eat. However, this is a misconception, calories are the required amount of nutrients that each person should maintain to ensure smooth operation. Researchers have shown that most of us lose weight emotionally, not measuring calories accurately. This inadvertently prolongs […]