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18 August, 2020 Lisa 0

Signs That You Are Losing The Right Weight

Scientists once recommended that people should not be too concerned with the number of weight gain or loss that leads to pressure on themselves. Instead, you need to work hard to reduce fat percentage through exercise and a healthy diet. If you know if you are going well or not, you can watch and watch […]

13 August, 2020 Lisa 0

How To Lose Weight Science For Men

Not only women are interested in their weight, but men are also sometimes quite self-conscious about this issue. In fact, the male lifestyle is quite comfortable, so it is easy to fall into the situation of unceasing weight gain. So, how to improve this situation quickly? Please refer to the following ways to lose weight […]

24 July, 2020 Lisa 0

Lose Weight Effectively Should Avoid The Following Fruits

In the weight loss menu, we often add fruit to supplement fiber and vitamins. The fact that fruit is a healthy choice helps boost the immune system and rejuvenate the skin. But not so that you unleash any kind of fruit has a positive impact on health. You need to avoid the following fruits if […]

14 July, 2020 Lisa 0

Golden Rules for Choosing a Weight Loss Diet

To own a fit, healthy body, without any excess fat, many women have resorted to different weight loss methods, both positive and negative. There are many imperfect combinations that lead to severely affected health. So what is the golden rule in weight loss diet? Slim Mix please share the following article will be the answer […]

9 July, 2020 Lisa 0

Diet For Weight Loss Gym People

Diet when losing weight is a question that many people wonder. How to ensure both quality and can lose weight, reduce fat, increase muscle is really not an easy task. Slim Mix please share the information in the article below will assist you in the process of exercise and effective weight loss. # How long […]

1 July, 2020 Lisa 0

Improper Weight Loss Causes Loose Skin

When the body gains weight suddenly, the skin will stretch properly and they will not be able to return to its original state. Therefore, if you lose weight quickly in a very fast time, it will lead to many consequences that we can not foresee, especially the problem of loose skin sagging is very unsightly. […]

25 June, 2020 Lisa 0

Liposuction Weight Loss And Unforeseen Consequences

In recent years, liposuction surgery has been considered as one of the cosmetic methods chosen by many women. Besides the pictures of slender physique of many people, this measure still has potential harmful effects. So, did your sisters understand these things well? Let Slim Mix follow through the information about the harmful effects of liposuction […]

23 June, 2020 Lisa 0

Why Does Weight Gain Again After Successful Weight Loss?

You are glad that you have successfully lost weight but the next thing to worry about is how to maintain this ideal weight? This is not an easy thing for anyone. The fact that the number of people gaining weight after losing weight is not a small number. So the cause of the body easy […]