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14 January, 2021 Lisa 0

Nutrition For People Who Want To Lose Weight On Tet Holidays – Slim Mix

It is only nearly a month away from the national New Year festival, this time is also considered a challenge for those who want to eat and drink freely and want their physique in balance. On the other hand, the hearty parties on Tet always contain a lot of fat, sweeteners that affect your weight. […]

13 January, 2021 Lisa 0

Recipes To Eat Without Weight Gain Women Should Refer

With only a little more than a month to go, the biggest Tet holiday of the year will come, surely the women ‘s concern is that they can freely eat and drink without having to worry about weight heavy. How to maintain weight – that is the question most asked on the physique forums. All […]

11 January, 2021 Lisa 0

Quick Weight Loss Tips To Celebrate Tet For Women

It is only nearly a month until Tet comes again to the village, everyone takes care of shopping and taking care of themselves. That is also the time when the girls own a slightly voluminous body, extremely pressured with the worry of how to wear beautiful outfits to travel spring. With such a rushing time, […]

6 January, 2021 Lisa 0

How To Eat Diet To Lose Weight Right And Effective

Body shape has always been an indispensable standard to evaluate women’s beauty. Because of that, overweight and obesity always makes women feel miserable and find ways to overcome them quickly. But also because you do not learn carefully, so you have applied unscientific weight loss ways to affect your health. Follow the following correct weight […]

24 December, 2020 Lisa 0

Eating Mistakes That Prevent You from Losing Weight

Have you ever wondered why you fully implement all the ways to lose weight from harsh diets to exercise, but the weight is still “standing still”. The reason for this, experts have said that you may have made mistakes while eating, leading to difficulty in losing weight. Let’s take a look at the information that […]

17 December, 2020 Lisa 0

Revealing How To Lose Weight For Men Extremely Effective

Anyone who has a need to get back a toned body, except for women, the “men” often feel inferior about their oversized body. Men are often not self-controlled with their unhealthy habits such as: drinking a lot of alcohol, being inactive,… These things have made their physique more and more negative. Check out the effective […]

15 December, 2020 Lisa 0

Is Oat Weight Loss Recipes Effective?

Recently, oats appeared in most of the secrets of beauty sharing, regaining their physique on forums. This is a very rich ingredient, is one of the ingredients for extremely effective weight loss. What is the safest and easiest recipe for oat weight loss? For a practical answer, please refer to the information that Slim Mix […]

14 December, 2020 Lisa 0

Goodbye Belly Fat Makes Women Lose Confidence

The less toned round makes many people feel a lack of confidence, especially the girls who always want to improve the situation. Not only does it make your body unbalanced, but the belly fat condition also increases your risk of some other dangerous diseases. We can completely get rid of this “ugly” fat from daily […]