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29 October, 2020 Lisa 0

Facts About Weight Loss Pills That You Didn’t Know

In recent years, we have not been too familiar with weight loss drugs with advertisements to reduce the desired weight, bringing a slim figure in a short time. Besides the temporary benefits that the drug brings, there are still many harms that users cannot foreseen. The following article will be a warning about the consequences […]

27 October, 2020 Lisa 0

Top Vegetables Low-Carbohydrate (low-carb)

Diet is the obsession of so many girls because they will not be able to eat what they like. However, this is an outdated idea and you have not really learned the details of the weight loss process. Cutting carbs is the way to lose weight “friendly” and good for human health. Let’s take a […]

15 October, 2020 Lisa 0

[HOT] Celery Juice Fast Weight Loss Beauty Skin?

One of the recently emerging topics on beauty forums is the miraculous benefits of celery juice. And many women feel confused when they do not know whether to apply this drink to regain their physique and whether it really works or is just a rumor? All will be answered by Slim Mix in the article […]

13 October, 2020 Lisa 0

Is Drinking Squash Juice Harmful?

Recently, we often refer to squash juice as an effective weight loss method. There is no denying the benefits that this fruit brings to human health. However, we are not subjective when using it because besides the benefits, if we do not know how to use it properly, it will bring many serious consequences for […]

2 October, 2020 Lisa 0

Slim Mix – Nutrition For Weight Loss

In Vietnam, weight loss supplements have been receiving the attention of many people. This is a proven support product to get back in shape. However, users also need to learn and consider to avoid receiving mixed reactions. And Slim Mix is ​​a best weight loss food currently “storming” on the market recently. Choosing to use […]

18 August, 2020 Lisa 0

Signs That You Are Losing The Right Weight

Scientists once recommended that people should not be too concerned with the number of weight gain or loss that leads to pressure on themselves. Instead, you need to work hard to reduce fat percentage through exercise and a healthy diet. If you know if you are going well or not, you can watch and watch […]

13 August, 2020 Lisa 0

How To Lose Weight Science For Men

Not only women are interested in their weight, but men are also sometimes quite self-conscious about this issue. In fact, the male lifestyle is quite comfortable, so it is easy to fall into the situation of unceasing weight gain. So, how to improve this situation quickly? Please refer to the following ways to lose weight […]

24 July, 2020 Lisa 0

Lose Weight Effectively Should Avoid The Following Fruits

In the weight loss menu, we often add fruit to supplement fiber and vitamins. The fact that fruit is a healthy choice helps boost the immune system and rejuvenate the skin. But not so that you unleash any kind of fruit has a positive impact on health. You need to avoid the following fruits if […]