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27 March, 2020 Lisa 0

Yoyo Effects for Weight Loss and Harms to Know

During the journey to keep in slim shape, maybe the sisters also once heard the term “Yoyo effect”. This is one of the effects affecting weight loss. Besides the benefits, they also contain serious harm behind. Along with Slim Mix learn through the following article to get more information about this weight loss yoyo effect. […]

26 March, 2020 Lisa 0

How to Reduce Sesame Brown Rice Balance

Recently, many women have told each other that there is a method to get in super-effective physique from sesame brown rice. This is an easy way to lose weight, easy to eat and healthy. Many people have lost weight with brown rice successfully. Please refer to the following article, Slim Mix hopes to provide you […]

25 March, 2020 Lisa 0

How To Reduce Balance Low Carb Method

There is no need to fast, even to be able to eat your favorite meat dishes freely. That is also the reason why many people turn to Low Carb weight loss methods. Limiting carbohydrates and increasing protein and fat in the diet helps us to get in shape quickly. To better understand how to lose […]

24 March, 2020 Lisa 0

Top 3+ Amazing Weight Loss Foods [Part 2]

The food we consume every day affects a lot on our weight. Therefore, how to build a diet is extremely important in the process of getting in shape. Here Slim Mix would like to introduce to part 2 of the article Top 3 foods to lose weight full of surprises, please refer to offline! Guava […]

23 March, 2020 Lisa 0

Why Are You More Likely To Gain Weight Than Other People?

Do women often wonder, “Why is the same weight loss regimen harder than others?” or the bewilderment of “Breathing in the air is also fat, what should we do?”. Slim Mix will answer these questions in the following article. Refer to you to better understand the problem and have the most effective solution to get […]

20 March, 2020 Lisa 0

Advantages and Disadvantages of Keto Method Weight Loss

If you have learned about effective ways to lose weight, I am sure you will not be unfamiliar with the Keto method. This method is very “hot” today and there is a lot of good feedback from women about the effectiveness that it brings. Slim Mix would like to introduce to you the general advantages […]

19 March, 2020 Lisa 0

Mistakes That Make You Lose Weight Fail

Have you ever asked yourself why you can’t lose weight forever? Have you ever given up on losing weight thinking that you would never do it? Don’t be discouraged when losing weight because you may be making the following mistakes. Genetics determine your weight loss results Despite the same obesity, the case of genetic overweight […]

18 March, 2020 Lisa 0

Top 3+ Unexpectedly Weight Loss Foods [Updating]

We can look for ways to lose weight through many online information channels and books. However, not all types of information are reliable for women to apply. If diet or exercise is still not successful, try the following healthy weight loss foods to lose weight. The secret to losing weight banana you may not know […]