4 Ways to Lose Weight Without Fasting Not everyone knows

Many people still do not know the truth that fasting is the way to get in shape most easily failed. Meanwhile, the body will be severely deprived of nutrients leading to dangerous diseases. A scientific weight loss plan is to combine exercise and proper diet. Refer to the following “divine” weight loss methods for safe weight loss.

#1 Regularly massage the fat areas

When we “neglect” our body is also the time when fat has the opportunity to “rise”. They are present everywhere as thighs, abdomen, biceps, calves, cheeks, chin, … Therefore, day by day, if not inactive, the amount of fat will increase and cause fat-like consequences. obesity, diabetes, fat in the blood, … Spend a few minutes each day massage in these locations, you will feel the miraculous changes. The massage techniques have a softening and melting effect.

thường xuyên massage vùng mỡ
Regularly massage the areas with excess fat.

At this time, they will be excreted through the excretory system by sweating and passing out. At the same time, this is also a way to stimulate the blood circulation system to work effectively and promote the digestive organs to operate smoothly. Currently, if you do not know how to massage, you can go to beauty centers, but to save time and be more active in regaining your physique, Slim Mix recommends learning and self-study. how to massage so that the whole body can exercise.

#2 Divide small meals throughout the day

As mentioned above, fasting is not the right choice if you want to lose weight. Instead of leaving your stomach empty, why not divide the food into small meals throughout the day? Eating more meals helps the digestive process occur more frequently and smoothly and the body never feels hungry. As before, you will eat 3 main meals, now you divide them into 4-5 small meals.

chia nhỏ phần ăn
Break down the meals of the day.

This increase in food intake means that the amount of food stays the same but increases the number of times eaten. The digestive process will work continuously and limit the accumulation of leftovers. You can refer to the following foods to add to your menu: cereals, sweet potatoes, smoothies, bananas, chicken breasts, …

In fact, the application of this method has brought about satisfactory results for many women.

#3 Add spices when you cook

Although it may seem irrelevant, this is a super secret to help you get in shape in a short time. Spices mentioned here are the tools to make the dish more delicate and bold. From there, help women no longer boring with simple weight loss dishes. Chili is the top priority over all the great uses that it brings.

cách giảm cân không cần nhịn ăn
Add spices when cooking.

Chili contains many capsaicin substances that help accelerate the metabolism. In addition, there is a spice you should taste for meals that is turmeric. Turmeric contributes to melting fat, reducing blood fat. Be motivated to come every meal, we are happy and excited even when dieting.

#4 Don’t forget to do exercise hard

There is a scientific diet but if you remain passive then all efforts will become meaningless. According to a research by doctors, to reduce the amount of body fat requires you to depend on the following formula:

100% reduction in fat = 70% exercise + 30% eating

You see, movement is almost very high and becomes indispensable if you want to lose weight. One of the exercises to help reduce excess fat is walking. Not as simple as we think, proper exercise can help you lose weight and requires the practitioner to know how to walk to lose weight.

thường xuyên tập thể thao
Exercise is always important when losing weight.

Note that before and after you go, you should not eat too full. This will hinder your walk. You should start with slow and gentle steps so that the muscles work smoothly together. Breathing is also important in this exercise. You must breathe steadily, slowly and not in a hurry, flush.

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As Slim Mix shared above, there are many ways to lose weight without fasting. Each day you spend a few minutes of perseverance, you will return the desired results with your toned body, without any excess fat. Wish you successful weight loss.